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The power of Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet disinfection across different industries

It’s been almost a year since we came to know about this deadly virus. Its discovery has left huge gaps and changes in our lifestyle in the blink of an eye. For instance, we had to stop going to our favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and other fun places. We also had to take personal protection to the next level by keeping our distance from friends, family, and the rest of the world.

A year later, the COVID-19 Pandemic is nowhere close to packing up. But it has sure created a wide range of fresh interests in technology. One example is the use of UV-C lighting to prevent transmission and inactivate viruses and bacteria, including the Coronavirus itself. Even though the world ‘paused’ due to this virus, we kept up the hopes of creating a safer space for everyone.

What is Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) Disinfection?

It is one of the most efficient methods of safely disinfecting upper air in occupied spaces. The system consists of a UV lighting fixture that guides and maintains UV energy on the upper room area, thanks to its built-in horizontal louvers. This UV fixture inactivates bacteria and viruses by disrupting its DNA and RNA, making sure it doesn’t replicate.

How Upper-Air GUV Disinfection Works?

Usually, infectious particles travel from the lower part of a room through the upper-room to the germicidal region. But this system operates at a wavelength of 254nm to inactivate the infectious microorganisms’ nucleic acid. Once the nucleic acid is out of the way, replication becomes impossible for these microorganisms.

Space’s essential requirements for disinfection using this system include high ceilings and airflow from ceiling fans or AC system. Now, you may ask, how does it work exactly? It works quite simply. Let’s take a look at the three steps involved:

  1. Germicidal UV rays project across the upper-room air.

  2. Pathogens that are carried into the ultraviolet field by convection of currents of air are inactivated.

  3. The automatic feature of the device continuously disinfects the occupied spaces.

AIR 1’s disinfection technology reduces the risk of cross-infection and room occupants’ exposure to infectious microbes. Its special horizontal louvers project the ultraviolet rays across the upper room air, effectively inactivating bacteria and viruses carried into the ultraviolet field by convection currents or air circulation.

This disinfection method is commonly used in heavy traffic areas, such as hospitals, hotels, offices, cafeterias, and schools. But they are hardly utilized alone but alongside airflow control to guarantee the air moves over the UV-C fixtures. Since particles are transported repeatedly through the upper space, the inactivation of the microbes may occur.

UV resources document that it has a kill ratio of 90% or higher, removing bacterial and viral pathogens from the air [1].

Who uses Upper-Air GUV Disinfection?

UV-C lighting has become extremely popular, not just for its sake but to help our quest to return to our normal lives. For instance, the recent opening of businesses like restaurants, schools, retail, offices, sports facilities, and the NY subway all had to do with UV-C lighting.

These facilities adopted a variety of UV systems, depending on their individual needs and setups. We have provided a detailed insight into the different UV systems available for various purposes; check it out HERE. The Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection System is making quite a statement.

Read on to find out the top businesses and brands that have already adopted it here.

Sports Stadiums

Imagine watching a thrilling game involving your favorite football team. It was a fantastic game, and you got an important win. Now the boys are back to the locker room, all the sweat heavy breathing, and being confined in an enclosed space is the favorite place for the virus to live. If we’ve learned anything from this Pandemic, it is the fact that congested areas are the most prone scenes for contagion.

To combat this, soccer stadiums have successfully introduced UVC fixtures for Upper-Air GUV Disinfection Systems into their facilities as an extra layer of protection. The Red Bull Arena, home to RB Leipzig, installed upper-air GUV luminaires in the home and away dressing rooms. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of athletes and coaches while playing and enjoying the game they love[2].

  The Red Bull Arena, home to RB Leipzig, recently got a total lighting makeover.
The Red Bull Arena, home to RB Leipzig, recently got a total lighting makeover.

Another excellent example of ground-breaking technologies like this is seen at the Philips Stadion, the PSV Eindhoven FC home. They also implemented Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet disinfection technologies at their training facilities, dressing rooms, and medical facilities.

PSV’s dressing room fitted with UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires
PSV’s dressing room fitted with UV-C disinfection upper air luminaires.

In moments like these when face masks, regular testing, and regular hygiene are simply not enough, Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet disinfection technology offers excellent additional protection – just what we need to continue with our daily lives.


Let’s flip back a few months, precisely at the start of the quarantine. We all compromised by remaining indoors and stepping out only when it is absolutely necessary. Supermarkets were the only facilities running normally at that period, which means it is one of the most important places to the public. But that’s not all – it is also one of the most places with a higher chance of having a crowd.

Since it is impossible to prevent a crowd’s gathering, the next best thing is to ensure everybody is safe. This is why this supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, decided to protect their shoppers with Upper-Air GUV disinfection. The supermarket, which is part of the national Edeka chain, uses the Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet fixtures to disinfect their environment and clean the handheld scanners shared by employees. The upper-air GUV disinfection is active at a height between 10.5 ft, and 11.5 ft points outwards, parallel to the floor.

Edeka supermarket, Hamburg, Germany

Since supermarkets are places where many individuals gather, safety could be questioned, especially when ultraviolet lights are discussed. However, as Boston University explored, UV-C lighting at a wavelength of 254nm has been proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 when applied at optimal doses.

"It is not harmful to people shopping in the store because the radiation is only in the upper third of the room" a Signify spokesperson commented.

Upper-Air room disinfection is an excellent way to sanitize large areas and keep people in that environment safe [3].

Where is CodeLumen using Upper-Air Room Disinfection?

If you’ve been catching up with our blogs and our social media posts, you would know that we specialize in Upper-Air GUV Disinfection. From office spaces, schools, to supermarkets, you name it – we are all about keeping everywhere and everyone safe.

The Station Offices, TX

We recently completed a project for Alsuper, a popular supermarket franchise in Chihuahua, México. In line with the brand’s commitment to ensuring employees’ and customers’ safety, we installed Upper-Air Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection in the cafeteria and locker sections.

We opted for this disinfection method for the project because the Upper-Room disinfection system can be safely deployed in occupied spaces. Our CLean AIR 1 helps decrease the risk of cross-infection and exposure to airborne infectious germs.

Maximum airborne virus and bacteria removal creates a safe breathing atmosphere for everyone. So, if you would like to maximize your spaces’ safety and efficiency, this method is your best bet.

This disinfection method can be widely applied across different industries. For instance, schools have included this as a sanitization method to keep our little champs safe. We’ve dedicated an entire article for this industry specifically. Check it out; being informed saves lives!

La Salle University in Chihuahua, Mx.
La Salle University, Chihuahua, Mx.

Read now: Back to school with UVC Lighting! Is the technology safe and can it effectively kill COVID-19?

Upper-Air Room disinfection has helped many industries, and that will continue for a long time. Let’s stand together and keep each other safe. You can always visit our website or reach out to our experts for more insights.

Feel the blue power of safety as we light to keep you safe!

Media Contact:

Sofia Castro

[1] “ASHRAE Weighs in on Health Benefits of UV-C.” UVResources, 2021,

[2] Pattie, Neil. “Football Scores against COVID-19: UV-C in Sports.” Signify, 11 Jan. 2021,

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