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5 iconic businesses that are reopening safely with UV Lighting solutions

It is October 2020, and the COVID-19 virus is still in the air. The last few months have been about one major thing – survival. Everyone is trying to stay safe in the middle of a pandemic. We have adopted strict measures to keep us safe, some of which forbid us from going out in the streets freely or hugging our friends and loved ones. This is far from the norm. With the pandemic came widespread panic and concerns that we all struggled to adapt to. Significant progress has been made, both in fighting the pandemic and adapting to the new norm. But the crucial question remains, “When will this be over?”

No one has a definite answer to that question. However, it is not all doom and gloom; the world is standing together to find solutions to this problem. We are continually exploring new techniques to arrive at new methods of ensuring people’s safety, while we slowly work our way back to normalcy. One of such technologies is UV Lighting.

What is so special about UV lights?

It is easy to dismiss UV lights as ordinary on the first thought. However, you will realize that UV lights are a powerful source of light with immense disinfecting capabilities on a closer look. UV lighting in the right dosage and exposure can disinfect any space. It is a failsafe method of effectively killing and eliminating harmful micro-particles, including bacteria and viruses – including the ravaging COVID-19 virus.

Since the start of March 2020, we have seen several businesses close down to ensure customers’ and workers’ safety. This affected the economy considerably; the never-ending safety guidelines mean we cannot continue to run the economy at full speed. And it is even more worrisome because no one knows when it will end. We still don’t know for sure when we will walk safely in the streets and go back to the world as we know it. Fortunately, we have made significant progress in learning how to live with the virus, rather than pausing our lives. There are several technology-backed ways to stay safe while opening up facilities and getting back to our everyday lives.

UV lighting has become one of the most well-known, effective, cost-efficient, and safe protective methods around. For instance, ultraviolet disinfection systems work by transferring electromagnetic energy to the organism’s genetic material, which then pierces into the organism’s cell wall, disabling the cell from reproducing. A high success rate of this technology has been recorded when the conditions are right, such as adequate exposure, the intensity of the wave, and the amount of time exposed.

This same technique has found complete applications in real-life situations, especially in the hospitality industry and other public-service businesses. Let’s look at some of the firms that have adopted the UV lighting protection system as part of reopening.

5 Businesses implementing UV Lighting Solutions

1. Magnolia Bakery in New York City

Magnolia Bakery in New York City was one of the first establishments to adopt a UV lighting protection system. People could not live without tasty Magnolia cakes. The business noticing the benefits of UV lighting disinfection was a relief to everyone.

The bakery first considered implementing the system in May, right when the pandemic was progressing.[1] It adopted three sanitization methods to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. Here are the methods;

  • Cleanse Portal: This is designed to inactivate bacteria; as people walk by through the arch, a low dosage disinfects clothes and skin in 20 seconds.

  • Cleanse Downlight: This is a downlight usually installed in the ceiling. It incorporates human safe UV technology to inactivate viruses and bacteria.

We have one of the best cleanse downlights in stock the SA2 model. It is a perfect portable solution with a built-in PIR sensor that automatically stops the emission with motion detection! This model is efficient, safe, and versatile; it can be installed in walls, ceilings, and pendant mounted. To learn more about this fixture, click here.

  • Cleanse Air-Sanitizing Troffer: This system circulates room air through a filter and exposes it to UV light emission to eliminate airborne pathogens in just a few seconds.

This is a similar alternative to our SA1 model, which safely sanitizes airborne viruses and bacteria. This model is safe for occupied spaces and can be mounted on the wall or suspended like a pendant. Click here.

In the words of Mr. Bobby Lloyd, the Chief Baking Officer at the bakery, “the safety and health of our employees and customers is our top priority.” Thanks to this innovative safety system, Magnolia resumed the usual business of bringing joy to people through their pastries.

Indeed, installing UV lighting protection systems was a piece of cake!

2. Chelsea Piers Fitness center in Downtown Brooklyn

At-home exercising is not exactly fun, but we have to put up with it since gyms are not working due to the pandemic. Fortunately, that is about to change! Gyms are starting to open up without safety concerns, and the Chelsea Piers Fitness center in Downtown Brooklyn is one of such gyms.

The gym recently implemented some safety protocols such as distancing equipment, hospital-grade air filters, and, more importantly, ultraviolet lighting. People are excited to get back into the gym, but the physical contact combined with intense sweating in a crowd is still a source of concern.[2] If only they know that UV lights have them well covered!

As a source of light, UV lights emit a distinct type of electromagnetic radiation transmitted in waves. Far-UVC lighting has a low penetrating ability. It is nearly entirely absorbed by the outer layer of the skin, where it does little harm. This system is known to disrupt DNA to inactivate microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. So, they can be used to sterilize and disinfect any area[3].

If you're interested in understanding its effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus, click HERE to read our past blog.

3. Marriott Hotel Group

We all miss traveling and staying in home-like hotels, but not anymore! Marriott Hotels are opening their doors to guests again. When the quarantine kicked in, the hotel was the first to create a comprehensive health and safety plan. The plan is designed to keep the Marriott staff and guests safe.

“The safety for our guests and associates has always been a top priority for Marriott,” commented Mr. Ray Bennett, the Chief Global officer of global operations. They achieved this by creating a safe environment protected by UV lights. Using two roaming robots, the company focused on areas where they continuously deal with large crowds, for instance, in common areas such as the lobby, gym, and restaurant areas.

This sanitizing technology also focused on sanitizing keys for guests and devices shared continuously between associates[4]. This system was activated concurrently around the 7,000 hotels, including Ritz W. Westine and Aloft Brands.

Just as Marriott, The InterContinental Hotel group, including Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, and the Crown Plaza in White Plain, NY, also adopted the UV light technologies in their daily cleaning regime to ensure a safe and sanitized environment[5].

4. Saks Fifth Avenue

Shopping has never been the same for everyone since shopping outlets started closing down. Fortunately, we are about to get back to our shopping spree days, with Saks Fifth Avenue putting measures in place to solve this problem.

It all started in June, with the company providing hand-sanitizer stations all over their stores, mandating face masks for shoppers, as well as a six-feet social distancing rule. Saks Fifth Avenue didn’t stop at that. The brand also placed an iridescent glow of purple and green lights to use the UV light disinfection in escalators.

This way, they ensured the sanitization of every connection to the floors, along with the people who used the escalator[6]. Other big commerce outlets are following suit, with more brands looking at how to resume operations even in the face of the pandemic.

Instead of seeing the entire COVID-19 as an obstacle, they looked for optimal solutions to make things work and ensure safety. Isn’t that what the big boys do?

5. Subway of New York City

The last on our list of the famous implementations of the UV light protection system is the Subway of New York City. Because of its successes, many transportation lines have considered implementing it, alongside a few hotels and gyms but with a few modifications.

For instance, the MTA tested around 230 portable UV lamps that also run along with buses. It is easy to settle for this sanitization system, considering that UV-C light is not as harmful as other ultraviolet waves. Lastly, it is effective and 100% safe for humans[7].

Let’s help you get back to normalcy!

The pandemic was an event that took us by surprise. Nobody was prepared for the threats it carried out on our safety and normalcy. It all started with fears and uncertainties, especially in the first month. More months went by, and the situation has improved considerably. More than anything, we are mitigating the adverse effects and getting closer to solutions.

UV lights were always the future of sanitization, but it has lived up to that reputation now than ever. The system has been successfully used to disinfect and ensure safety for ourselves and our loved ones. Businesses are opening, and we are gradually getting back to our everyday lives, although with a few measures here and there.

Are you looking to reopen your business? We can do it for you safely and efficiently. Our UV lighting protection solutions are simple yet very effective. You do not want to put the health and safety of you and your clients at risk. So, you should work with the best hands and the safest technologies.

We light to keep YOU safe! Get in touch via any of our communication channels today, and let’s get started!

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